Darcy & Abby

How We Started

Our company officially started late 2012 after our family experienced the loss of a number of loved ones in a few short years.  We learned what is was like to be in charge of liquidating items that belong and were cared for by others.  We turned to available services offered at the time and came away very dissatisfied.  Some claimed to be too busy to offer a consultation, others didn't feel we had enough "good" items for them, a few offered to take it all away for free.  With each relative we took on the task ourselves and saw ways to improve service in this industry.  We’ve used our past experiences in many fields to expand into a full service estate sale company that can meet the varying needs of liquidation or downsizing in a friendly, efficient, and professional way.


Down-sizing Needs

Through the years we have learned that many people are in need of down-sizing their own assets and about half of our business is such.  Moving or Downsizing Estate Sales can be conducted in the same fashion as a Traditional Estate Sale and can be very freeing when completed.


Why is “Yellow Dog” Our Name?

Simply because right before starting the company we had a wonderful addition to our family.  She was an incredibly adorable Yellow Lab puppy named Darcy.  We knew she would need to be with us and part of the business, so the name came naturally to our daughter when we were brainstorming ideas.  We loved Darcy so much, we had to go back to her breeder to get Abby, her half-sister.  Abby is the best gift we have ever given Darcy!