This type of sale is conducted in your home. Your home will be organized & staged to showcase your items to their full potential using our large selection of display equipment and Point of Sale cashiering system. Your sale will be advertised using online estate sale advertising websites and through many different social media platforms.  We treat your items or your loved one’s items as if they were our own. We clean, organize, arrange and price all items to optimize their opportunity to sell. We spend the time necessary to assure that all items are valued correctly for maximum liquidation. On sale days, our easy to read free-standing signs will direct traffic to your home and there will be adequate staff to handle the customer load and space to cover. We will leave unsold items for you to donate, or if requested, we will remove all items and leave the home broom clean. This option requires an unoccupied home with access to all utilities and 10-14 days to complete. You will receive your proceeds from the sale and a summary of the purchases within 7-10 days of sale conclusion.

We conduct “Combined Estate Sales” at least once a month in our 3400 sq. ft. warehouse showroom in Brea, CA. All items are bar-coded to ensure your items get properly credited when purchased. This is a slower process that could take 6 months to complete the sale of your items and involves arranging transportation of items. Payments are made at conclusion of selling to collection of your items or partial payments can be requested along the way.


Sometimes a family needs a very quick solution to their liquidation needs.  It may be possible for us to buy the entire contents of your home to support your immediate cash needs and leave the property empty with a few exceptions. This could take as little as 48 hours.


We can accept individual items of at least $50 in value on consignment. These items will be offered for sale in our monthly warehouse sales and/or on eBay and other online auction sites that we determine will be the best fit for a particular piece. Payments are made 3 weeks after an item has sold to ensure conclusion of the purchase.