Our Warehouse

We opened our warehouse in November 2015 and we’ve really enjoyed growing our customer base at these special event sales that are currently conducted on the first Saturday of every month.

The showroom part of our warehouse is an ever-changing display of items brought in from homes that are unable to have a traditional estate sale on their property and from individuals interested in consigning a few choice items. These items are priced as they would be at a traditional sale and we are committed to keeping the inventory fresh by reducing prices after

First Saturday
of every month

each sale and returning or donating items after an item has been through a few sales. Because we use a bar-coding system that allows us to make payment to the many different consignors, you get a mix of items in one place.


We want you to be able to count on finding cool and interesting pieces, at great prices, every time you come. We do not have set hours and times at the warehouse between sales, however, you are welcome to contact us to make arrangements for an individual shopping trip. Please note that the items pictured here may already be sold.